"Michael Archer, the author of Firebombers Incorporated, brings together an impressive list of people to assist him in writing this book. With this he does a good job of integrating reality with the fantasy of what might be. The story in this novel is born when personal tragedy strikes billionaire Joseph Talon, a very successful businessman. After the loss of his family to wildfire, he launches into a ‘hobby’ within his corporate structure that soon takes on such a passionate force that it becomes part of the corporate objective. In this effort, he develops a firefighting strategy that he thinks would have made a difference in the outcome of his personal tragedy. He brings real systems with leading-edge technology and a pound of future ideas together and develops a very plausible but expensive resource that has the ability to respond quickly to fires which expand rapidly into major large fires which can quickly threaten many homes and human lives.
"The book is action packed and maintains a substantial level of suspense that keeps the reader glued to each page with anticipation of what is to come. However, there are two mysteries that are developed and carried throughout the book that are not answered by the time you turn the last page. Even though you can lay the book down and mentally review the wonderful story you have just completed, it is hard to just leave these two mysteries at this point. My first reaction was that there might very well be a sequel in the works. If so, I anxiously wait to get my eyes on the pages to see not only where these unsolved mysteries lead, but to see how Firebombers Incorporated is woven into the future of fire management"
-Doug Coyle for Wildland Firefighter Magazine, May 2002

"Billionaire Joseph Talon was a very successful businessman, who suffered the tragic loss of his family in a forest fire. As a result of this tragedy, Joe became severely depressed and resorted to drinking. At the Recovering Alcoholics gathering, he met a man by the name of Pieter Van Vrees, who happened to be a commercial pilot and had a small air-tanker business during the fire season. As a result of their conversation, Joe developed a firefighting organization called Firebombers Incorporated, which became the most advanced firefighting force anywhere in the world.
However, following the mysterious death of an influential shareholder who had aided Joe Talon in a buyout of Davis Aircraft early in the story, and another significant discovery regarding the deaths of his family, Firebombers Incorporated keeps the reader in anticipation of what is to come. Joe Talon also comes to realize something very important about himself, which gives him a great sense of peace"
-Julie Herath for The Nashville News, April 2003


"This is the first book of this type I've ever read and I found the technical aspects very interesting and enlightening as I knew nothing about this industry. I enjoyed the suspense, the vivid mental pictures I got of the actual planes dropping the fire repellants and water on the flames. I think the main character is very human and his ability to overcome the tragedy of his family is very inspiring. I particularly liked the military personnel being given an opportunity to use the skills they developed in the service once they went back to civilian life. I did not find the technical aspects overwhelming, rather they intrigued me. I hope there will be another book using these same characters in the future"
-Della Foster from Diamond Bar, Ca USA

"Firebombers Incorporated is an excellent book for a first time writer. The details on firefighting and the techniques used are very interesting to read. The book is entertaining enough that you don't get bogged down in details. The story has enough plot twists and non-fire related elements to make the book very enjoyable to all. You get so involved in the characters that you don't want the story to end. I hope there is a sequel!"
-Kimberly Ranocchia from Anaheim, California USA

"I enjoyed this book and found it very interesting and educational. Prior to having read this book I had no idea as to the science and techniques involved into fighting a brush or forest fire to bring it to 100% containment. Can't wait for book number two"
-Geoffrey Douglas from Huntington Beach, California USA


“In FIRESTORM, Mr. Archer offers a story of excitement and high drama… and what the author delivers exceeds expectations. The concept is interesting and intriguing. Both internal and external conflicts are skillfully interwoven, creating a seamless story with a powerful impact. Pacing throughout the book is quick, with building tension driving the plot to a satisfying ending”
Writer’s Digest

"FIRESTORM continues the saga following the first book entitled FIREBOMBERS INCORPORATED. Joseph Talon, who is the founder of the high-tech firefighting company called Firebombers Incorporated, tries to save his company from bankruptcy by sending them to the Republic of San Pietro in Central America. He is assured that all is well. If his company performs well, they could be given a contract.
However, once they arrive, he discovers that something is terribly wrong. Drug lords are trying to gain control of the country and jeopardize the Firebombers operation. When a group of his firefighters is trapped in the midst of the jungle after being attacked by rebels, cut off from help at a relay station in the middle of nowhere and are surrounded by the rebels who are trying to capture them, Joe discovers that an enemy of his from the United States is playing an active role in trying to bring the downfall of his organization. Will he be able to rescue his firefighting teams in time and stop his enemy before it is too late?
FIRESTORM is action-packed and will keep the reader enthralled throughout!"
- Julie Herath for The Nashville News

"Multi-billionaire Joseph Talon and co-founder of Firebombers Inc has always had a good heart, placing welfare before profits. Now, at the stockholders meeting he announces that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. What he fails to mention is that in an attempt save it all he has secretly made arrangements to take the company to international level. First stop Central America and the city of San Pietro. A decision, he will soon regret.
FIRESTORM is a steady pace, well written and author Michael Archer’s attention to detail is absolutely engrossing. Archer places readers deep within danger zones faced by firefighters today, but even more exciting is the unusual situation into which Joseph Talon forces his company.
Government uprising, the jungles of Central America, gun-toting locals, secret weapons, and kidnappings are but a few of what to expect.
What turns up the heat in this novel is the firefighters’ backgrounds, not your typical American citizens. Each has been carefully selected for their military combat experience!
FIRESTORM is pure entertainment of nonstop action and suspense. Michael Archer exceeds expectations!"
Betsie’s Literary Page

“This book has it all. A possible corporate bankruptcy, civil war in a foreign country, and wildland firefighting. Joe Talon must save his private firefighting company from bankruptcy, his firefighters from drug lords in a foreign country, and fight a wildland inferno at the same time. Can he do it?
Although this is a work of fiction, it is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about the perils of wildland firefighting. FIRESTORM is full of action and a very enjoyable read”
Roger Bair, President Ohio State Firefighters Association

“I’ve handed [FIRESTORM] off to two or three guys at the fire station and everybody has really liked it. Usually I can watch a movie or read a book and figure stuff out, but this one took me longer than most. I enjoyed it”
Tim Clemens, President Illinois Professional Firefighters’ Association

“…portrays [firefighting] realistically ...I enjoyed it and feel there are a number of firefighters who might also”
Kevin McMasters, President Arkansas State Firefighter's Association