New Book Recounts Adventures Of Firefighters Trapped In Central American Uprising!

Los Angeles, California (February 8th, 2005) – Adventure, intrigue and romance in Central America! Firebomber Publications announced a new novel, "Firestorm", by author Michael Archer.

Facing bankruptcy, the high-tech American wildland firefighting company Firebombers Incorporated heads to Central America in hopes of winning a long-term firefighting contract. Instead, they become embroiled in an uprising engineered by ruthless druglords against the democratically-elected government. A group of the firefighters and a small contingent of U.S. artillerymen (that’s a long story) are besieged at a remote telephone relay station. What are the chances that they can hold off a druglord army of over 5,000 for two days?

An Air Force AC-130U gunship flying over the middle of the Gulf of Mexico is running out of fuel. Too far from land in any direction to safely touch down, unable to refuel in the air due to battle damage, what can the firefighter transport pilots manning the controls (that’s another long story) do to get the crew home safely?

And who exactly is the mysterious new commander of the 701st Firejumper Company, John Standing Bear?

FIRESTORM is dedicated to those who have served in the U.S. military and, as such, has a strong military flavor to the action. Many of the members of Firebombers Incorporated are veterans or reservists representing all branches of the U.S. armed forces, which allows them to avail themselves well in both wildland firefighting and, as the story progresses, military operations.

“In FIRESTORM, Mr. Archer offers a story of excitement and high drama in the back cover copy, and what the author delivers exceeds expectations. The concept is interesting and intriguing. Both internal and external conflicts are skillfully interwoven, creating a seamless story with a powerful impact. Pacing throughout the book is quick, with building tension driving the plot to a satisfying ending” – Writer’s Digest

About the Author
Michael Archer holds degrees in Agriculture, Electronics, and Engineering Technology. An avid student of military history, he was intrigued by the similarities between military operations and wildland firefighting, and with the potential for applying modern technology to fighting the age-old scourge of wildfires.

About Firebomber Publications
Firebomber Publications is a small press dedicated to providing exciting firefighting fiction to the general public. Firebomber Publications donates 50% of the profits from sales of the “Firebombers Incorporated” product line to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters. Website:

Author: Michael Archer
ISBN: 0-9707980-2-4 (trade paperback, 388 pages)
Publisher: Firebomber Publications
Available through the Firebomber Publications website (, (, and (

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