Los Angeles, California (February 8th, 2002) – The future of firefighting is here! Firebomber Publications announced a new novel, "Firebombers Incorporated", by author Michael Archer.

Firebombers Incorporated is a story of drama and high adventure. Tragedy strikes billionaire entrepreneur Joe Talon when his family perishes in a forest fire. Vowing to prevent this fate from befalling others, he sets out to create a high-tech wildland firefighting force unlike anything ever conceived. Founded by a diverse and dedicated group of firefighters, business leaders, engineers, and ex-military personnel, Firebombers Incorporated becomes one of the most advanced firefighting organizations in the world. Joe spends lavishly on the training and equpment his firefighters receive, melding together proven firefighting techniques with the latest electronics, computers, and space-age materials to create an elite, hard-hitting force that is able to fly all of its personnel and equipment to a fire anywhere in the Western U.S. in a matter of hours. Through the course of many fires, Firebombers Incorporated earns a reputation for being able to take on anything nature can throw at it. But its ultimate challenge arises as the fire season nears its end when a massive brushfire near Los Angeles threatens to overwhelm local firefighters and wipe out foothill communities and the residents who are trapped inside!

Dedicated to those who risk their lives to save the lives of others, Firebombers Incorporated is a must read for anyone interested in aircraft, firefighting, technology, or just plain adventure!

“The book is action packed and maintains a substantial level of suspense that keeps the reader glued to each page...” – Wildland Firefighter Magazine

About the Author
Michael Archer holds degrees in Agriculture, Electronics, and Engineering Technology. An avid student of military history, he was intrigued by the similarities between military operations and wildland firefighting, and with the potential for applying modern technology to fighting the age-old scourge of wildfires.

About Firebomber Publications
Firebomber Publications is a small press dedicated to providing exciting firefighting fiction to the general public. Firebomber Publications donates 50% of the profits from sales of the “Firebombers Incorporated” product line to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters. Website: www.firebomberpublications.com

Author: Michael Archer
ISBN: 0-9707980-1-6 (trade paperback, 377 pages)
Publisher: Firebomber Publications
Available through Firebomber Publications website (retail) and through Baker and Taylor (wholesale).

FOR MORE INFORMATION, A REVIEW COPY, OR AN INTERVIEW, CONTACT: Michael Archer of Firebomber Publications +1-626-915-4779 (Phone/FAX) info@firebomberpublications.com

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