California State Firefighters’ Association Receives Fund-Raising Boost!

Los Angeles, California (July 5, 2004) – Firebomber Publications announced a new partnership today with California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) designed to provide additional fund-raising capability to support firefighters throughout the state.

“Firebomber Publications donates 50% of the profits from sales of Firebombers Incorporated products to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters”, said Firebomber Publications owner Michael Archer. “This agreement with CSFA will allow them to augment their funds to support firefighters throughout California”.

“We are enthusiastic about this new program!”, said Monty Gearhart, Director of Ways and Means for CSFA. “Not only can visitors to our site get a great read, but they also help CSFA financially, since we get a portion of the profits every time they buy a copy of FIRESTORM or FIREBOMBERS INCORPORATED”.

“This program also removes virtually all of the burden of this fund-raising effort from CSFA”, Michael Archer asserted. “Emergency Training Associates (ETA) takes care of sales processing, shipping, storage, and returns for CSFA. This relieves CSFA from the need to order and stock books, handle receipts, deal with damaged or returned books, and all the other negatives usually associated with fund-raising ventures of this sort. The only effort required by CSFA was creating a link from their webpage to ETA’s websites, after which they automatically started earning money from sales at their website!”

“Another plus: Firebomber Publications will not offer ‘Firestorm’ to mainstream bookstores, like, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, until January 2005”, Michael Archer added. “This gives CSFA virtually no bookstore competition through the end of 2004! As such, the books can be ordered from the CSFA website at In these financially difficult times, this offers some relief to firefighters who are typically last in line to receive funding.”

About CSFA
CSFA is dedicated to ensuring its members a strong and united voice in the evolution of the fire service, through unity in leadership, political action, education, and quality member services.Website:

About Firebomber Publications
Firebomber Publications is a small press dedicated to providing exciting firefighting fiction to the general public. Firebomber Publications donates 50% of the profits from sales of the “Firebombers Incorporated” product line to organizations that support the families of injured and fallen firefighters. Website:

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